When nature and architecture are combined into a woven structure and then integrated into the existing infrastructure of today’s city, the city and its inhabitants have an immediate response to climate change.

Join Sige on a walk through Zurich, where she takes you into the near future, where her architectural and artistic design provides answers and addresses climate change.

Just as nature carries Zurich, this installation carries 3D compositions of architecture and nature from nine locations in the heart of the city. Combined with painting and collage, this experience opens doors in your mind.

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These creative architectural artist solutions are depicted as biophilic design for green and sustainable cities. This broad level of inspiration, expressed as art, is intended to animate the imagination to the possibilities to instigate positive change and reduce the pressing issues brought about by our changing climate in every city across the world. Thus, offering a solution-based, immediate approach using the power of nature and architecture, rather than a lengthy plan to create quick and prolonged momentum towards a life we can dream of personally and as a global collective.

Narchitektur, with its bold and unique approach to climate change, is bridging the gap between what we have and ultimately where we want to be.

Sige organises and is frequently invited to be part of exhibitions and plenary talks and presentations in Zürich and Basel and is always looking to collaborate with foundations, museums, galleries and institutions both inside and outside of Switzerland. In addition, she aims to reach a worldwide audience with this important installation and critical message. If you feel Sige would be a fit for your organisation or event, you can contact her here.

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